Advantages of Clean Air Systems

  • No filters required
  • Easy installation / portable
  • Sustainable and energy efficient
  • Safe and cost effective
  • Minimal maintenance
  • 24/7 healthy air
  • Excellent test results by worldwide independent test agencies, including TNO
  • As the only air purification product certified by NASA
  • Removes unpleasant odors
  • Significantly reduces bacteria, fungi and pollen and makes viruses harmless
  • Reduces fine dust
  • Less absenteeism

Technical specifications

Basic working process; ultraviolet light converts light into energy at three frequencies, also known as photo catalysis, which purifies passing air molecularly. It uses the present (passing) oxygen and humidity to create friendly oxidants.

Tested by TNO

The systems have positive research results in the field of air purification technology which has been investigated by the recognized research institute TNO. It has been scientifically proven that the indoor systems purify air from fungi, viruses and bacteria. TNO conforms to Dutch regulations and legislation.


Installation per induct rod 38x5x5 cm Energy consumption approx. 25 [W / induct] Burn time UVC lamp; approx. 2 years

Basic operation technology

  • Change of naturally occurring moisture and oxygen in peroxide and super oxides.
  • Honeycomb absorbs through the coating (titanium dioxideTiO2) H20 and makes two highly active oxides, ie. OH & O2
  • The applied UV (254 [nm]) breaks down O3 into O2, many other used UV lamps produce ozone (eg UV 185 [nm] for groundwater purification)
  • OH-, O2-, HO2, stays in the appliance which is good, H2O2 the appliance goes out in vapor form (HO ~ HO) and does the work.
  • Bacteria H2O2 goes on the skin of bacteria as HO ~ HO, extracts from bacteria (combines) the H to H2O, this dries out the skin and thus bacteria, with the result that it dies.
  • Viruses H2O2 does the same as with bacteria, with the difference that with a virus the HO ~ HO does not sit in / around the shell but on the tentacles of a virus. These dry out and break down. The virus has not been killed by this, but has been made harmless because it can no longer attach itself to the tentacles.
  • Creates the same oxidation and ionization as natural sunlight, using UVC light as a source of energy for our natural catalytic conversion process.
  • Combines these ionizing properties with photo catalytic reactions of specific rare and precious metals.