These companies use our active technology

Products with ActivePure® technology that are environmentally friendly and safe support the development of the concept of eco-construction around the world, contributing to achieving LEED certification points within the range specified in the green product card.

" It has been shown to be effective in patients who are allergic to dust mites. RCI technology used in sleeping quarters eliminates 100% dust mites within 48 hours ... ."

Recommended by lung specialist J. Westbroek!

“Green Buildings”

There is an increase in environmental awareness in our society. It manifests itself through the intense development of the concept of eco-construction. Eco-construction is based on ecological solutions that negatively affect the natural environment. Green building concepts are very popular in highly developed countries, including Poland. The growing ecological awareness creates the need among designers, producers of building materials to create devices, products or ecological services that are safe for the natural environment. are combined with environmental protection.ActivTek technology and systems fit the ideas of eco-construction, purifying the air based on active processes naturally occurring in nature, being an ecological solution, safe for people and energy-saving.