Sustainable disinfection of air

Continuous reduction of airborne pathogens and on 
With our unique technology, we strive to disinfect air particles and surfaces without you having to worry about incoming polluted air particles. The ActivePure® technique is to deliver a high standard of infection control with an excellent result using RCI technology (UVC-Light). We combine knowledge and technology to improve people's quality of life. Traditional systems and filters remove most of the particles, but are missing something very important: they do not eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, pollen, allergen odors from the air. With the ActivePure® patented filter discharge technology, we offer total solutions for homes, commercial buildings, offices and vehicles. By means of mobile systems as well as built-in products that immediately make a difference.

This “NASA” technology brings the solution to the source.

ActivePure® continues to spread in a room in which viruses, bacteria, smoke, odors and other contaminants are present and immediately reduces them. That's why our products can be so effective - whether it's a fan in the unit of an HVAC system, or running the air through a CAS unit is the means to harness the power of ActivePure®, the air in the environment is continuously treated as long as the unit is in operation.

On exposed surfaces

When the air reaches the surfaces, it continues to function and helps keep it clean long after cleaning agents and disinfectants have evaporated (Note: The devices are not intended to be a substitute for cleaning or removing dirt or other sources of contamination). Operation is not limited to tables and counters, bathroom tiles, doorknobs, but on almost any surface you can touch, helping to ensure and maintain a more thorough cleaning regime.

Tested for effectiveness

The Clean Air Systems with ActivePure® technology from “ATC” have been extensively tested for effectiveness in the air and on exposed surfaces.

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