FA 50

The ActivePure® technology in the FA 50 air purifier protects you in smaller spaces (such as a bedroom) against viruses (including corona), unpleasant odors, pollen, dust mites, bacteria and allergies. It is equipped with a Uvc Lamp and has been shown to be effective, that people experience better sleep. The portable system removes odors, smoke, pollen, microbes and viruses in air and on surfaces.

FA 279

The ActivePure® technology in the FA 279 air purifier protects you in larger rooms against viruses (corona), unpleasant odors, pollen, dust mites, bacteria and allergies. In nature, energy transfer ionizes the air, which repels the microscopic particles that cause problems for our respiratory and immune systems. This makes it as if you are in the forest.
It removes odors, visible smoke and microbial populations in air and on surfaces. Ideal for people with respiratory problems. (asthma / hay fever). Removes dust mites within 48 hours.


The ActivePure® technology in the Personal Purifier uses proprietary technology based on NASA research to generate a powerful ionic wind, creating a shield around your field of vision. The personal air purifier / ionizer protects you against viruses (corona), unpleasant odors, pollen, dust mites, bacteria and allergies. Feel fitter and safer at home, at the office, on the train, tram, bus, taxi, plane or other places where many people are present.

FA 50

  • Reduces the number of air pollutants and
    allergens that affect the life and health of people with asthma and dramatically improve allergy symptoms

  • Keeps the air fresh and clean, reduces unpleasant odors, refreshes the environment in musty zones.

  • Removes heavy dirt and dust particles from the air

  • Dimensions17x17x18cm

  • Weight 0.9kg

  • Reach 50m2 

FA 279

  • Neutralises smoke, including various smells
    chemicals, cigarette smoke.
  • Has a sanitary option that is perfect against mold,
    microbes, viruses and most germs in the air.
  • Destroys heavy pollen particles, dust, dirt flakes,
    pet dander or other irritants.
  • Reduces unpleasant odors in the home, office, car, camper etc.

  • Minimal noise level, almost silent operation
  • Dimensions 30x23x30cm
  • Weight 6kg
  • Range 23m2  - 279m2 


  • Strong Ion Wind with ion output of 6 million / cm3

  • Can be worn around the neck or attached to the collar

  • Built-in lithium battery with USB charging connector
  • Size 56x84x24mm
  • Weight 80 gr
  • Nominal voltage DC 3.7V
  • Consumption 0.1W


The ActivePure® technology in the
CAS Ceiling unit can be easily installed. Our technology works with ambient air to generate negatively charged molecules, such as hydrogen peroxide. These molecules leave the unit, circulate through the air in the room and land on all surfaces. During this process, these negatively charged molecules actively search for positively charged molecules, such as fungi, bacteria and viruses, to neutralize and kill them at the molecular level. Once neutralized they return to hydrogen and oxygen.

CAS BOX (Ductstation)

The ActivePure® technology in the CAS Box ensures longer shelf life of fish, meat, vegetables, flowers and fruit cultivation in refrigerators. Removes a.o .: H5N8, listeria bacteria, ammonia. Photo-catalytic system that uses a combination of highly intensive UvC light and titanium, plus three extra rare metals bound in a hydrophilic base material. Result: highly effective system for purifying the air and reducing microbial contamination on the surfaces.



ActivePure® technology (Uvc Lamp) mimics the same natural processes that reduce indoor pollution. CAS Inducts can be installed in any HVAC system. They work by converting water vapor (H 2 O) and oxygen (O 2) from untreated air into hydroperoxides and hydroxyls, removing odors, fungi, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, etc. from the air and on surfaces, thus a healthier indoor climate is created.


  • Discreet or hidden installation
  • RCI lamp monitoring indicator included
  • Low maintenance - Little cleaning required
  • Reduced pollen, dust mites and various smells significantly.

  • Does not require connection on ventilation systems
  • Low noise level

  • Weight 4.5 kg

  • Size 60x60x12cm
  • Range 185m2

CAS BOX (Ductstation)

  •  Compact air purification system
  • Maintenance friendly, simple installation
  • Solid stainless steel housing with moisture protection
  • Internal air flow, requires little maintenance
  • Dimensions 26x42x40cm / 40x40x40cm
  • Weight 5-8kg
  • Range 200m2 - 400m2 - 800m2  
  • Watt     25W    -  37W     -  59W


  • No filters required
  • Easy installation / portable
  • Sustainable and energy efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Excellent test results by worldwide independent test agencies, including TNO
  • The only air purification product certified by NASA
  • Significantly reduces bacteria, fungi and pollen and makes viruses harmless


If you have an unpleasant odor in your company, home or other location, it will remove that odor in a maximum of 3 days and that unpleasant odor also stays away. You can find different models below. removes all unpleasant odors. including smells of fish, sewage, ammonia, smoke smell etc.

FA 360

FA360 A very powerful self-contained, and portable, air purification system incorporating ActivePure® technology. It removes unpleasant odors, smoke, bacteria, dust particles, pollen, dust mites and viruses (including Corona). It can do its job while there are people in the room present.


CAS 50

The Induct 500 also features groundbreaking ActivePure® technology and is designed to be installed in the air exchange duct of an HVAC heating / air conditioning / air exchange unit.


  • Destroys all known microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, etc.
  • Sterilizes the surface
  • Acts quickly (within seconds)
  • Removes unpleasant odors
  • Does not form toxic by-products
  • Low maintenance and little cleaning required

FA 360

  • 20 kV needle ionization.
  • Adjustable ozone production up to 300mg/hour
  • Carbon filter
  • Special photo catalytic lamp
  • HEPA filter
  • Frontfilter
  • Adjustable fan
  • Dimensions 22.8x25.4x28cm
  • Weight 6kg
  • Power 220V/40W 

CAS 50

  • Suitable for refrigerated display cases, air ducts and air conditioning
  • Self-contained unit
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Uses your existing HVAC fan
  • Size 26x6x3cm
  • Weight 1.5kg
  • Range 25-35m2 / 70-90 m3  
  • 100-240V/ 13Watt


We are happy to make an offer for you on request for business products. For questions you can always contact us by phone or e-mail and also to make an appointment!

What exactly is RCI?

Many people still think that this technology is just another UV lamp, or a nice air freshener - nothing could be further from the truth! It is so much more. And it's green - no toxins, no chemicals, no sprays.
Brief Summary - RCI is essentially a dry hydrogen peroxide that results from a reaction between a UV lamp and titanium dioxide. No, it is not a UV lamp, it only uses one to interact with Titanium Dioxide to make the dry hydrogen peroxide. This solution is completely safe (and actually very healthy) to breathe continuously.
- No, the contamination does NOT have to pass through the unit to be treated. The airflow acts as a catalyst to take the technology to where the pollution first appears… consistently.
- No, this is not UV technology. UV technology only deactivates bacteria (bacteria can reactivate). When they say their UV lamp “kills,” they mean far from now, not immediately. RCI kills immediately on contact. So no more reactivation.
- No, this is not a fancy air freshener. Yes, it refreshes the air because it kills the pollutants that cause odors, etc. It doesn't mask anything (like Febreze or that pine-scented tree in your car). It ensures that ammonia odors, mold and musty odors disappear.
- No, it is not harmful to humans. The technology is not strong enough to do anything with the human cell. However, people with respiratory problems (COPD, allergies, etc.) can breathe better.
- No, this is not a new technology, it has been around for about 20 years and has solid, science-based results worldwide. NASA invented it - ActivePure® has been improved - NASA uses it on the Int'l Space Station and was also inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2017.
- No, it's not going to save the world. Well… maybe?

                      Cleaning air ducts
                Cleaning and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning ducts.
Ventilation and air conditioning systems are places where impurities such as bacteria, fungi, dust and dirt accumulate. They have a significant impact on the quality of the air that people breathe in air-conditioned rooms With our inducts installed in the air ducts, you have continuous clean air in the rooms As we spend most of the day in closed rooms where the air source has a ventilation system is, we make our health dependent on the air supplied to us in this way. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the ventilation ducts are free of factors that pose a threat to our health. Removing impurities from ventilation ducts has a significant impact on our health and should be done with the utmost care. With clean air we can prevent ailments such as allergies, eye irritation, headaches, runny nose, fatigue, nausea. It is also worth remembering the possibility of infection with Legionella sticks, which, among other things, occur in air conditioning systems and cause legionellosis          


Recommended by ing. W.J.M. van den Bogaard

“I am a scientist and was very skeptical at first. I have read all the literature on this and also shared it with colleagues. I am convinced that it works so I immediately bought all three op units for home use. The main effect I see is that my wife hardly takes any allergy pills. It kills viruses, bacteria and fungi which is very nice in this time of the Corona virus. I recommend this system to everyone.”